VitaNova Biological Inc.

The lab at the University of Texas at San Antonio consists of approximately 15 students, all working to advance the use of a new photodynamic therapy to treat cancers.  The majority of these students are undergraduate Biology majors; the others are Master's and Doctoral students.  All of these students work with an amazing dedication to their research, all while taking full-time college courses, and many of them working outside of the lab.  

The students work both independently, and as teams, to design, implement, and conduct projects that they feel address an unmet need or gap in the knowledge involving cancer research.  These students present their research at local and national scientific meetings.  Their active role in all aspects of the work earns them authorship on peer reviewed scientific manuscripts.  After graduation, many students enter professional graduate program.

Haley Hazelett, former student and co-inventor of the anti-cancer technique.  Haley is a second year PhD student in the PEMM Program at Dartmouth Medical School.

Dr. Gdovin's laboratory at UTSA